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As an embedded chat

As a chat button

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As a search bar

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As a custom experience

Use our APIs to power your own chat and search experiences.

As a discord or slack bot

Support users at scale

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Focus on novel questions

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Save hundreds of hours for your support, DevRel, and engineering teams

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Identify gaps in your docs

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Activate and retain users

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Reduce time to value

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Provide user and scenario-specific help

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Identify drop-off points and fix them

Understand user needs

Get insights on what users are asking for and the scenarios they care about.

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Go beyond “ChatGPT for your docs”

AI chatbots are easy to demo, but hard to ship. Inkeep makes it possible.

graph iconAuthoritative, up to date content

We automatically ingest all of your docs, blogs, GitHub issues, community forums, support tickets, and more. Our ingestion pipelines keep your knowledge base up to date with zero effort.

neural search iconNext-generation neural search

We use proprietary ingestion, embedding, chunking, and retrieval algorithms to find the most relevant content for your user's questions and search queries.

track iconGrounded in truth

Our retrieval augmented generation (RAG) engine minimizes hallucinations, provides citations, and gives responses that are relevant and accurate to your product.

tune iconFeedback loops and editorial control

As your users and team provide feedback, our system automatically learns and improves. Your team can monitor feedback, edit bot answers, and re-rank content as needed.

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